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Monday, June 06, 2005

Kotaji monitoring: McNamara on Today

Robert McNamara, former cold warrior extraordinaire, a man who actually makes Rumsfeld look slightly less sinister and who starred in the excellent documentary Fog of War (2003), was interviewed on last Friday's edition of the Today programme (BBC morning radio news and interview programme). He bemoaned the recent failure of the talks on the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty and had some especially clear words to say on North Korea:
I've said, I want to repeat [it], there's no acceptable military solution to either the North Korean problem or the Iranian [one]... We must move to effective diplomacy, which we're not... I don't believe there'll be a diplomatic solution to either North Korea or Iran that does not involve US bilateral negotiations, which we have refused to undertake. That's insane.
You can hear the short interview here (Real Audio).


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