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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Google monster

Taking my lead from Lenin's Tomb, Pandora's Blog and Hunjangûi Karûch'im I thought I would be just a little bit lazy and post something on recent google searches that have wound their way towards my blog.

The Tokto island dispute is obviously catching someone's imagination out there in the English-speaking web world because I've been getting a large number of people arriving after searching for either 'Tokto' or 'Takeshima'. This made me wonder just how many hits I would have got if I'd used the more common spelling of Dokdo, or even Tokdo, or possibly Dokto. And what would happen if I tried to fit all these different spellings into just one post...

Now for the bizarre ones:
Someone got here because they wanted to know Kimchi consumption per capita, while someone else was curious about clay wellbing, whatever the hell that is. Starcraft worker split demonstration sounds particularly intriguing, but I'm none the wiser as to what the searcher was after.


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