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Friday, January 21, 2005

Off topic in Tehran

Just discovered that Iraqi blogger Raed Jarrar has a really nice photo essay type post about his recent trip to Iran. Tehran sounds like a really interesting city which I'd like to get to someday.

Can I shoehorn Korea into this post? Well... I did notice from one or two of his pictures that Tehran looks quite like Seoul with its high-rise apartment blocks surrounded by much smaller older houses. I wonder if any of the big Korean construction companies had a hand in building any of them? There have definitely been quite close economic relations between Korea and Iran so it would make some sense. I'm sure this is also the reason why one of the main streets in southern Seoul is called Teheran-no (Tehran Street). By a twist of fate this street has become synonymous with Korea's high tech and new media sector and is lined with gleaming skyscrapers.


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